I know I am blogging out of order here and you will all get to see the fun Jeanne and Jason had at their reception, but in the meantime I wanted to start off this holiday weekend with some fun engagement photos. When I asked Ashley what her and Brannon liked doing she said we like to travel and we love art. Those two things sent my brain on overload!!!! So I went on a mission to combine the two themes and I think we did fabulously. My favorite part of the day was the confetti shot, yes I love confetti and I am quite aware of my addiction! While we never got confetti perfection I say we had a blast trying to achieve it and I love what we did come up with. I am like a kid in a candy shop whenever my couples let me be my silly creative self, it makes our adventure fun and relaxing. Ashley and Brannon are ridiculously cute when they are together, yes the kind of “we are in love cute” that every girl dreams of. It’s beautiful to see love like that and even more beautiful to capture it!