Lately I have been thoroughly caught up in work and feel like my life has been consumed by my passion for what I do…..but today I felt like I wanted to share a little more about my world with you my loyal blogstalkers. I have been beyond blessed with the people in my life and the support system I have as I ventured into this new chapter of Crissy’s Crazy Chronicles. And I want to take a moment to address my loyalest of all blogstalkers….my parents.

You know when you are young it feels like your parents can be a royal pain in the you know what, but as you get older you realize they just wanted to help make you a better person in the long run. My hat is off to these two people who had to deal with the drama a crazy teenage girl can present during those years, but even amongst my teenage anguish *lol* I realized that no matter what I said or did that my parents were biggest and craziest supporters. Even when I decided to change from the medical path to the arts path they stuck by me…took a little time for the idea to marinate since I was their only child, but they still stuck by me. All I have done in this life and what I aspire to do stems from the need to make my parents proud and reassure them that even without a owner’s manual they were the best parents I could have asked for.

My family may be small, but what we lack in numbers the three of us make up for with BIG personalities. My dad of course with his sense of humor which includes jokes made up especially for you on a moment’s notice and his humongous heart….this man would give you the shirt off of his back if you asked. I have never met anyone else like him in this world, so insanely smart (not one but TWO engineering degrees), generous to a fault, kind, HILARIOUS, and overall just a wonderful human being. My mom on the other hand is not exactly the loudest of our bunch, she is more demure when you first meet her, but don’t let that fool you she too is a character who can make you laugh with her witty comebacks. She is my definition of elegance and class. She is a passionate woman who loves with all of her heart….something very few do, and is fiercely loyal to her family… just don’t mess with her baby and things will be ok *lol*. She has seen me through all of my stages, my moods, and antics, and although the road has not always been silky smooth (for goodness sake we are women!), when it is all said and done we are each other’s best friend. So all that I am today as this zany girl who wants creative world domination I owe to my parents….distance may be between us in miles, but our hearts are always together.

Here is a recent series of shots that we took at a festival….ok total proof that my family is as nutty as me. My parents were obsessed with this pineapple stand, do not ask my why I have NO idea *lol*. So of course we took pictures with the pineapples courtesy of Marcus who gladly volunteered to take our picture. *LOL* They so crack me up!

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  • Ricci - Your parents are so cute! I love your haircut!

  • R - Oooh! I love the ‘do! And I love this post. You are a lucky woman to have such awesome parents. 🙂

  • joe - damn, ricci beat me to it…oh well…

    you’re parents are so cute. AND i told you your hair was banging [3 months ago!]

Today is my wonderful husband’s big 30th birthday which he has been dreading since the moment I met him almost 5 years ago. And unfortunately this year he and I have started the trend of getting sick for our big day…..yes I was sick on my birthday and now the poor guy is in bed with a nasty cold for his. Perhaps all the stress of thinking about turning 30 made the guy sick *lol*. But you know what he should be so proud of all that he has accomplished in his 30 short years here on this planet. My parents would say his best achievement was marrying me *LOL*, but I say his best achievement is the way he has managed to stay so kind in a world that likes to make people bitter.

You will never meet anyone like Marcus, he has good old fashion values that his parents did a great job of instilling, he really has the kindest heart, words sometimes get in his way, he is goofy and charming, funny, treats me the way I always imagined a man should, makes me proud to say that he is mine allllll mine, would do anything to help a friend, likes the movies I pick out even though he would hate to admit it, is a wonderful artist, has the best smile and GREATEST set of sneezes, hates his freckles but I have come to adore them, truly is the best husband any girl could ask for and I know some day he will also be the most awesome father.
Although he would say his awkwardness with words makes him less than perfect, I think that he is a remarkable man who always knows the right thing to say to me to make me feel better, and sometimes understands that words are not necessary so we share a beautiful silence and a hug.

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Husband!!! Here is to many many many more memories that have yet to be made and to you for being just simply you a man who I adore.

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  • Nanette - Awww, happy belated birthday, Marcus! That’s a great pic, too! (Of course.)

  • Weezer - Happy birthday, Marcus! 30 rocks!

  • echoform - ack, i’m sorry i missed it. but 30 is not so bad. trust me. 🙂

And this still feels funny……do people really spill all the beans to the random universe? I guess it will take time to warm up to the idea of putting my life down into words for others to read, judge, and become addicted to! Anyone reading this?!?! Hello is this thing on *tap tap*……..hmmm ok well lets see the activity of the day: I actually got around to assembling my invitations so they could go out sometime this year and what a pain in the ass for a perfectionist. As I figure this blogging thing out I will post pictures of the process of planning the most stressful event of a lifetime.

Ok I am guessing if you all have a blog you have also been suckered into myspace…which can become highly addictive since you can track people down and peek into their lives without them knowing especially all those people you went to high school with. Reminiscing back to that age when you have your whole life waiting for you and at my age you still have a chance, but things have been defined, hearts have been broken, backs have been stabbed, you have met failure eye to eye, and you don’t have the naivity that allowed you to think anything was possible. Sometimes I long for those days so I could start all over and do things right, but what is right anyway? In all of the drama I have encountered in my life I have maintained my positivity because thats what truly defines me. I once got the best advice I have ever gotten from the strangest source an airheadish hot surfer did I mention he was hot: he explained to me that pain was like holding shattered glass in your hand and you had two choices 1. you could choose to hold on to it and squeeze it tighter in your hand only to have it cut you deeper or 2. open your hand, release it, and not allow it to cut you anymore……such profound words that shaped the way I would deal with pain and defeat.

My words of wisdom for the day: if you can release pain, hurt, anger, disappointment, and those things that blacken your heart, your soul can shine like a clear prism allowing all the colors of beauty that life has to offer to shine through you and in turn you can touch someone elses life.

Happy Tuesday!!

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  • Michael - Wow, that’s deep. Thanks so much for all you do. In the words of Bette Middler, “you are the wind beneath my wings”!